Oculis offers sustainably built, beautifully designed domed cottages in scenic locations for people who believe a love of nature shouldn’t come at the expense of modern convenieces.


Our domed cottages offer compact modern living including feature such as sunken living room, lofted study, skylight, hot-tub, kitchen with center island, and parking space with EV charging station.

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See the World Through New Eyes


Each Oculis domed cottage is built to meet our stringent standards around sustainability and safety. Our domes require minimal energy use to heat and cool, require far less material than traditional attached unit construction, and have green cover to offer some carbon capture. They’re also designed to survive blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, termites, and fire with little or no damage.

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Own a Piece of the Future of Sustainable Design


Oculis offers two ways to enjoy our campus:

For those looking for a weekend getaway to the slopes, Oculis: Mountain Side provides a lodging experience with all the comforts of home and then some, set in scenic terrain only a quick shuttle ride to the mountains for skiing, snowboarding, or hiking.

For those looking to call the mountains home without losing modern conveniences, Oculis offers co-op condominiums on our 2-bedroom 1-bathroom domed cottages. Co-op members can enjoy all the ammenities  


Who We Are, What we do 

About Our Company

Oculis is a company dedicated to bringing comfort, sustainability, and design to the forefront of residential and lodging development. Oculis is driven by two core truths:

1.       If you can make sustainability easy, people will do it. We can make a development with low, no, or negative carbon impact, but if it isn’t functional, comfortable, and beautiful, no one will care. We need people to care. Not just for our business, but for the planet.

2.       Technology and nature are not mutually exclusive options. Loving being outdoors shouldn’t mean you can't  have modern conveniences. Technology can and should be an enhancement, not just to how we protect ourselves from nature, but how we enjoy nature.


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Current project 

We are currently accepting reservation for our project in WA. We will be delivering 1,2 bedrooms units between the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023. 

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